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Digital Transformation goes far beyond an online institutional presence, allows you to grow faster and globalize your business, allowing you to think and work differently, by doing more with less, and we can help you with this process.

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We support out-of-the-box projects and bring your ideas to life, turning them into real business!


We guarantee the success of your project with integrated management on a global scale. Faster and with less risk.


We present “A to Z” solutions, from needs analysis, UI and UX design, tech implementation and marketing strategies.



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Websites, Intranets or Progressive Web Apps. We develop the most suitable solution for your business.
Add value to your M.V.P. and has real-time feedback through a hybrid or native mobile application. Your customers will be grateful!
Give your product a new look and provide a user-friendly experience for your customers. UI and UX with simple interface.
Integrate technology throughout the organizational structure, to increase reach and obtain better results. SaaS, LegalTech, FinTech, Insurance, HealthTech, are some of the areas in which we provide consultancy.
We put technology working for you, as a driver of operational excellence! Through machine learning, deep learning and natural processing language, the machine will facilitate your business models.
Quickly and effectively configured, the blockchain facilitates the global management of multiple networks, with just one click. Thus, allowing to innovate your business, with total security.



Provide the ecommerce experiences your customer expects!

Online store   |   Different Payment and shipping methods   |  MACH architecture   |   Composable Ecommerce   |   Real-time stock management   |   Simplified purchase processes   |  Custom notifications and campaigns


Repetitive and complex legal tasks? Our legaltech do it for you!

AI software that simplifies legal processes, improves the efficiency of your schedule, office and team management, leaving you with more time for your client.


All payment methods, a single fintech integration!

Your business is quickly connected to any payment method, without any issue.

Global API   |   Subscription plans   |   Service Provider
Digital Wallets   |   Statistics Payment   |   Invoicing


The technology at the disposal of the pharmaceutical, medical and health sector!

AI Solutions   |   Patient Data   |   Third-party synchronization
Human error reduction   |   Smart insights   |   Health Monitoring
Clincal history   |   Statistics   |   Telehealth   |   Global interfaces




We are fortunate to have a group of dedicated and focused professionals and, above all, we believe that happy teams are more productive and generate more results.

The values we share

We are specialists in digital projects management, with extensive experience working with highly reputable companies.


The main areas of activity are the development of customized softwareintegrated management and other tech solutions.


Together we form a work passionate team, which creates, builds, invests and helps other companies to enhance their project and business.


We connect people and services through new technologies. Some even say that we are “tech-addicted” and that our connection, helped the business grow!


About Germano de Sousa

The Germano de Sousa Group is one of the main Clinical Pathology Laboratories in Portugal, with more than 45 years of existence and a qualified and multidisciplinary technical staff. With a strong research and development component, they follow the evolution and challenges of medicine, sharing “all this knowledge” with other colleagues.

Key Topics

  • Biopathological Validation
  • Artificial intelligence

The Challenge

Develop an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, using artificial intelligence, for biopathological validation of laboratory results. That allows Physicians Specialists in Pathology, the rapid validation of clinical analyses.


Partners: Germano de Sousa; InoCrowd.
Solutions: HealthTech; Artificial Intelligence; API Integrations; UI & UX; Development.


Given the data collected and handled by the Germano de Sousa Group, the developed platform provides information that supports more thoughtful and informed decisions. And, in the field of laboratory medicine, precision is a requirement, and this is reflected in the rapid machine learning, increasingly adapted to the reality of the laboratory and pathologies.

Given the fact that the company operates at a national level (Mainland Portugal and Islands), it was crucial to share information between clinics, not forgetting, of course, the privacy of its patients. On the other hand, the platform also allows the configuration of different levels of access to the respective menus, giving greater confidentiality and security to the results of the pathologies.

This is a project that will contribute to better results, decisions, and treatments in the field of laboratory medicine, giving great prominence to the Germano de Sousa Group.

Undoubtedly an innovative solution in the health area, and one that we were so happy to develop!


  • Cost and human error reduction
  • Real-time alerts and patient history
  • Clinical analysis and management dashboard
  • Scalable system, adaptable to various pathologies
  • Restricted access and different permissions
  • Synchronization with other (external) systems
  • Machine learning and AI in support of results

About LineKare

An M.V.P. for a 100% online platform for consultations, also known as “telemedicine”, with a main focus on Mental Health. It will have a qualified and experienced medical team, readily available to help the patient. And using Artificial Intelligence, LineKare will have mechanisms for monitoring and relationship between doctor and patient.

Key Topics

  • Online HealthTech software
  • Health care on-demand
  • Video consultation
  • Cybersecurity
  • High scalability
  • ArtificiaI Intelligence resource
  • White-label Platform
  • SaaS Software

The Challenge

There is an increase in occurrences related to mental health, whether burnout, depression, anxiety, among others. Citizens do not always seek help, often due to prejudice, fear or other constraints.

The existence of an online platform that allows quick access to specialized professionals and support networks, guaranteeing confidentiality, information privacy and, above all, comfort and convenience.


Partners: LineKare
Solutions: HealthTech; UI & UX; Development; API Integrations; iOS and Android App


An online platform where patients can quickly access a network of qualified professionals specialized in various clinical areas (focused on mental health). On the other hand, doctors can register and provide services conveniently, anywhere and at the most convenient time.


  • Cost reductions
  • High value care
  • Better patient experience
  • Greater medical efficiency
  • Valuable clinical insights

About Payments Gate

An innovative solution that provides all payment methods in one place, with easy and fast integration and payment monitoring. Its main mission is to provide a centralized platform where payments are easily tracked and integrated with other software/ecommerce, but at the same time, that allows billing and query metrics and results in real time.

Key Topics

  • Payments API
  • All-in-one solution
  • Invoicing
  • Statistics
  • Subscription plans
  • Various integrations
  • White-label Platform
  • SaaS Software

The Challenge

Create a scalable payment gateway – global API – that allows automatic integration with various payment platforms, which at the same time reduces the documentation required by developers. Everything must happen online, and subscriptions carried out via Saas.


Partners: Payments Gate.
Solutions: Fintech; UI & UX; Payments API; Integrations.


An Global API that integrates all payment methods, quickly and securely, instead of the usual manual integration. PayPal, MBWay, MB, Credit and Debit Card, are just some of the available payment methods, and you can track the history of operations for each of them, as well as their metrics.

With an integrated invoicing module, Payments Gate allows you to quickly issue invoices and manage purchase orders, while you can choose the subscription that best suits your needs (without the need for a contract between the service provider and the customer).


  • Security using cutting edge technology
  • Payment control and follow-up
  • More comfortable experience for merchants (especially)
  • White-labeled platform
  • API Integrations: invoicing, payments, subscription plans
About Onjuris

Onjuris is an Online Legal Software that facilitates contact between clients and lawyers, quickly and completely securely, anywhere. Through functionalities dedicated to the legal industry, it guarantees greater productivity and financial control.

Key Topics

  • Online legal software
  • Cybersecurity
  • Time control
  • High scalability
  • AI resource
  • Various integrations
  • SaaS Software

The Challenge

Provide a privileged and close communication channel between Lawyers and Clients, which allows for online legal consultations, legal cases monitoring, cost transparency and a comfortable experience for those involved.


Partners: Onjuris
Solutions: Legaltech; Web App; UI & UX; Development; API Integrations.


A project conceived and developed completely in-house, from M.V.P, through technological implementation, to marketing and sales. 

The platform had to meet the needs of the industry, reflecting the terminologies, flows, and working methodologies of each law firm, from the freelance attorney to the firm that operates worldwide. As it is an industry that deals with such sensitive topics, some of the project requirements were clear, cybersecurity, data encryption and secure document sharing via the cloud. Due to Onjuris’ high scalability, and the team allocated to the project, technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, smart contracts, among others, can be quickly and easily implemented.

We also had the collaboration and contribution of some Lawyers, when holding a focus group to collect feedback and hold meetings.

The result was a 100% online legal software, for lawyers and citizens, which provides greater efficiency to the office, and more convenience and flexibility for the parties involved.


  • Cost and human error reduction
  • Greater process and deadline control
  • Time control and assured payments
  • Cybersecurity and complete file privacy
  • More comfortable experience for all participants
  • API Integrations: invoicing, payments, Google Calendar, Citius
About Bond Touch

They are pioneers in emotional wearables and have an innovative connection concept, namely “Love Touches All”. Bond Touch goal is to strengthen long-distance relationships!

Key Topics

  • Online store stability
  • Security
  • High scalability
  • Various integrations

The Challenge

Intending to migrate the online store from Shopify to BigCommerce, in order to have more integrations, stability and an even more secure solution with high scalability.


Partners: BigCommerce
Solutions: UI & UX; Development;
E-Commerce; API Integrations;


This was a disruptive and very challenging project, and it was very important for the customer that the online store reflect the brand’s values and ideals. It was clear from the start that BigCommerce was the most suitable solution for this project!
As they market and ship their products to more than 30 countries (inside and outside the European Union) and each online store has to be adapted, we’ve also made this process faster and more efficient.
Communication between the two teams, PipeCodes and Bond Touch, was always regular, and we were lucky to have all the support and help from the Bond Touch team during all stages of the process, and in this way, we guarantee the fulfillment of all the requirements and deadlines defined for the project.
The result was a robust and fast multistore, with intuitive navigation, fast checkout, integrated invoicing, and with the elements of the brand always present.


  • Mobile devices optimization
  • Custom checkout experience
  • Secure payments
  • API Integrations: invoicing, payments, mulisstore, page builders, shipping