How does process automation work, and what are its advantages?

To always improve the business flow and technology has advanced with new alternatives and solutions that propose revolutions in the employee’s and company’s results. Process automation is a technological tool that helps improve the control and workflow with real-time monitoring, thus replacing manual activities with automated ones. Processes are the tasks that repeatedly occur that […]

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3 years of PIPECODES!

Last Wednesday, April 6th, 2022, we arrived at the time when we celebrate 3 years of PIPECODES! As we have always been concerned to transmit, we are a company that seeks digital transformation, besides always taking the values of technological innovation as the engine of our work. But, besides that, PIPECODES always emphasizes that the […]

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Demystifying 5G

5G is the fifth generation of mobile phone technology which, while already revolutionary and has greatly changed the way we all use and enjoy the facilities that this technology brings, 5G brings a breakthrough that is truly transformative. And in this article, we are demystifying 5G! For this technology, 5G has much faster mobile data […]

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Cybersecurity for beginners

The new year in Portugal brought to the table a new old topic: cybersecurity. Although it’s not something new, the recent attacks on Impresa group and Vodafone showed that we are all at the mercy of hackers and that we have to take precautions not to be the next victims. Deeper research was done by […]

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FINTECH: What is it? How can we use it?

With the advance of technology in all business sectors and needs that a group may have, the work with the technology needed to be divided into niches so that research and development could be done for the specific area. Therefore, companies use Fintech technology to solve their needs and help improve and optimize the processes of […]

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